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2019's Best Modern Glass Facades Design

Most Famous Brands of Glass Facade Panels in the World What are the most expensive types of glass facade systems?Top 10 Monumental Glass Facade Structures Around the WorldThe Middle Eastern Glass Facade Producers and Installers Valid Aluminium Company site

 Like other building facades, the glass or curtain wall, as a wall or glass curtain, separates the interior from the outside and protects the interior from external damage as well as being visible. The 2019’s best modern glass facades design found a place in the market in the , and by expanding their use, various models and models were introduced.

2019's Best Modern Glass Facades Design

Most Famous Brands of Glass Facade Panels in the World

Most Famous Brands of Glass Facade Panels in the World

The world’s most famous glass panel brands

As you know, the glass used for glass facades has different types, each of which has its own specific conditions and characteristics, which we will cover in the following.

1. Laminated Glass Facade Panels

Glass and plastic are used to make multilayer Facade Panels, and this type of Facade Panels is mostly used in pop-ups. These types of Facade Panels are made from two layers and up to several layers. In general, as expected from the multilayer glass between the two layers of Facade Panels it is covered with plastic or argon gas to reduce its thermal and cryogenic conductivity significantly.

2. Secure Glass Facade Panels

As you know, one of the main disadvantages of Facade Panels is the lack of high resistance to impact and fracture, for many years chemists working in the field of resistant Facade Panels have been able to achieve a type of Facade Panels that is more resistant to pressure and impact. As a result, it takes longer and more pressure to lose and break. Sikurite glass is widely used in the manufacture of Facade Panels.

3. Reflex Glass Facade Panels

The production of reflex Facade Panels covered another part of the disadvantages of ordinary Facade Panels, which was direct sunlight into buildings where glass facades were used. Reflex Facade Panels is capable of reflecting much of the sun’s light and entering only a small portion of it, which can have a major impact on building occupants’ satisfaction when standing behind a Facade Panels. 

What are the most expensive types of glass facade systems?

The curtain wall facade (curtain wall) is the best and most expensive types of glass facade systems and its Persian translation means a curtain wall meaning that the glass facade is attached to the building like a curtain wall but does not impose any dead load on the building. .

The Curtain Wall Facade structure is made of aluminum and its profiles are called so-called lamellas, which is why it is also known as the lamellar facade. In general, the facade is made of aluminum profiles on which the glass is mounted. Curtain wall facade is a completely anti-earthquake facade and two types of curtain  wall face cup and curtain wall frames are common in Iran. Although, curtain wall is the expensive types of glass facade systems but appropriate occasion to define large glass in commercial and office buildings.

Top 10 Monumental Glass Facade Structures Around the World

Top 10 Monumental Glass Facade Structures Around the World

Top 10 Monumental Glass Facade Structures Around the World

1. National Center for the Performing Arts Beijing

And yet, the top spot on today’s list of tops comes from a structure in # Beijing.

Designed by the Beijing National Center for the Performing Arts, it is designed to be a very artistic and eye-catching oval. It includes various parts, such as the concert hall, the opera house and everything related to art …

Beyond that, the beauty of the structure is due to the titanium glass used in its exterior design, a beautiful combination that is one of Beijing’s # 1 sights and attracts many people from all over the world to visit. drags .

Completed in 2007 on an artificial lake with an area of ​​nearly 12,000 square meters, the building is a giant egg for Beijing residents, but is a masterpiece of modern architecture for the world and its architects. It was designed by Paul Andreu.

2. Dancing House Prague

 A dancing house with its glass draws the attention of passers-by.

The ever-dancing building is located in Prague near the Vitava River in the Czech Republic.

Constructed of two buildings next to each other, it has an interesting and unique architecture and is made of glass, standing with curved columns to symbolize modern architecture and infringe on the traditions and architectural context.

Its uniqueness made it a Design Award of the Year in 1996 by Time Magazine.

Construction began in 1992 and ended in 1996.

3. Cucumber Tower (30 St Mary Ax) | United Kingdom

Ranked third in the list is London’s skyscraper, known as the Cucumber Tower.

The skyscraper is 41 stories 180 meters high and is one of 30 tall structures in London. Of all the titles we’ve gone through, the thing that makes this list is that its exterior is completely glass.

This type of design and the use of glass in the construction of this skyscraper has the maximum amount of natural light inside it, making it a low energy-efficient structure compared to its competitors.

The London Cucumber Tower was completed in 2003. A year after the project was completed and reopened, it was awarded the British Royal Institute of Architecture’s (RIBA) Best Architecture Award.

4. Louvre Pyramid Paris

Perhaps the most famous building on our list today is the Louvre Pyramid in Paris because it is one of the most iconic glass structures in the world and has gained worldwide fame due to its location next to the Louvre Museum.

The glass pyramid is made up of 673 glass panels that are about 22 meters high and are supported by steel beams and cables.

Built in 1989, it is today the Louvre’s main entrance.

5. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision Netherlands

The fifth grade glass structure is the Nova Foundation of the Netherlands. The building houses Europe’s largest archive of audiovisual works, while being one of the most unique architectural structures in the world and has become a museum today.

Designed as a cube, it is designed and painted with colored glass panels; it consists of 10 floors, half of which is built underground.

6. Hotel ( W ) Barcelona

Another glass structure in Spain shows that modern design in Spain, along with medieval buildings, will have a chance to be recognized.

A hotel called the Double Hotel in the coastal part of Spain, which is an example of 21st century modern architecture. 

7 – Basque Health Department Headquarters | Spain

Its multifaceted design is designed to capture the most amount of natural light, which results in a high percentage of energy efficiency in the structure.

8 .The Farnsworth House Plano

In 1951, Dr. Edith Farnsworth, a renowned specialist in kidney disease, was built on a 140-square-meter, 140-square-foot land just south of the Fox River, 24 kilometers southwest of the city of # Chicago.

9. Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop Tokyo

Think your workplace is completely glass, that is, made of glass and that all passers-by can see what you are doing !!

If you want to experience working in such an office go to #Tokyo and get hired by the Kanagawa Institute of Technology; then your workplace is a 2000-meter office made entirely of glass, even its floor and ceiling.

Something about 305 columns hold these jars, columns that appear to be randomly arranged in the structure, provided that they are carefully arranged and checked. When you are inside this building you think that these columns are trees and you are in a forest.

10 – The Botanical Garden Building Curitiba

Curitiba Botanical Garden Building in Brazil is one of the most beautiful glass buildings in the world. 

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