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Frameless system

  • This system is seen from the outside as a fully integrated glass. That will make the building look beautiful and homogeneous. For this reason, today the use of this type of glass facade in modern buildings has received much attention. The facade is manufactured as modular panels in the factory under strict supervision and after installation, the glass is shipped to the project site. Reducing human error and preventing material overload and rework are other advantages of this type of system.

Product Price List

Product NameDescriptionPackage typeStockPrice
Curtain Wall profile-CustomAvailableCall
Thermal break door and window profiles-CustomAvailableCall
Simple and normal door and window profiles-CustomAvailableCall
Louvre, spindle and rectangle-CustomAvailableCall
Billiards, sheets, ingots and aluminum slabs-CustomAvailableCall
Frameless profile-CustomAvailableCall
Corner and can and. . . Aluminium-CustomAvailableCall
Dry ceramic tools-CustomAvailableCall
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The Valid Aluminum brand has the following units:
1- Design, production, and manufacturing of special profile molds in Iran and Turkey
2- 2800 ton extrusion press machine
3- Full automatic tape table, extrusion and cutting machine
4- aging furnace for 9-meter long aluminum profile
5- Fully automatic electrostatic paint line with robotic spraying of 7 meter
6- Full automatic line for producing Thermal Break profiles
7- Automatic labeling machine
8- Profile packing machineinum 

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