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Direct distribution of Aluminum profile in the middle east

Direct distribution of Aluminum profileValid Aluminium Company site

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Direct distribution of Aluminum profile in the middle east

façade profiles and Aluminum profiles of the louvre in the middle east are some of the designs that are usually used as the second shell of the building and are a completely different type of aluminum façade.

One of the designs that I use as the second shell of the building and a completely different view from the types of aluminum facades is the light façade, which is actually a kind of canopy for the building and is used to make this prayer with a private film on the façade. It is known as the Aluminum profile of the louvre.

Advantages of using louvre façade profiles using representative Aluminum profiles compared to other examples can have many advantages, including the fact that this profile is usually made of aluminum, so it adds less weight to the stone façade to the building. The profiles are usually rectangular and governmental in shape, which prevents infrared radiation from entering the building and will prevent the building from overheating in the tropics.

Direct distribution of Aluminum profile

This Aluminum profile does not rust because it is made of aluminum and has an electrostatic furnace color and is light in weight as mentioned above. Also the profile has a very strong material so that it deforms due to strong winds.

This product can be mentioned for its very beautiful appearance and is considered one of the most beautiful.

This Aluminum profile has a very high connection to the building and its quality can have a significant impact in terms of material value because it makes the building have a unique appearance.

Direct distribution of Aluminum profile

Another feature of these profile is that they have less reaction to chemicals.

And that they are installed in such a way that they will have the final connection, building and themselves,

And special connections are used to strengthen these profiles.

Prices of Aluminum profiles in the middle east , Turkish and Iranian profiles in the world have a special quality and their prices differ in quantity and quality, for example, some of them are made of fabric aluminum and some are made of scrap aluminum.

And naturally there will be a big difference between the two sexes in terms of price.

Direct distribution of Aluminum profile

The prices of these Aluminum profiles in turkey and Iran change daily because aluminum also fluctuades a lot  based on the exchange rate and the world price of these metals, so those who need this project should ask the seller and manufacturer of this product directly for the price of the light Aluminum profile.

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