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Important Factors and Details About Glass Facade

What are the properties of glass facade systems?Is glass facade more expensive than the other types?Best sales of glass facade systems in Iran Why Iranian glass facade panels are cheaper than other countries?Valid Aluminium Company site

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Many manufacturers today are trying to provide important factors and details about glass facade in the design of the various buildings’ styles. The use of brick, stone and glass facades are common examples in the building. The glass material reduces the dead load on tall buildings and allows for faster execution. Keep in mind that guidance coefficients are very important in these methods. The building’s facade is the first part of the audience’s attention, so a series of principles must be carefully considered when designing a construction. Plus, it is noticeably important to choose the best style, depending on the project. Here our experts are ready to give you more details about whatever you want for your building.

Important Factors and Details About Glass Facade

What are the properties of glass facade systems?

What are the properties of glass facade systems?In the last few decades, the usage of the glass building has noticeably increased.  In which many people want to know more about the properties of the glass facades systems.

You know, the glass is one of the materials that give a particular beauty to the face. The glass can be a very good material for the building if it has no visibility problems.

The glass facade inserts enough light into the building rather than creating multiple outputs. This material is mostly used for high-rise buildings. It should be noted that the glass used in the facade has factors such as insulation, breakage, and prevention of harmful rays.

One of the most important reasons could be that the extra open glass facade does not enter the building and does not increase the dead load of the building. This makes the building perform better against the earthquake because it is lighter.

In addition, the high-rise buildings, on the other hand, are more susceptible to earthquakes and should be helped in any way to lighten these buildings.

To this end, many glass manufacturing companies have begun their work in promoting quality in the production, design, and implementation of glass. Since its inception, they have always strived to produce high-quality glass for the facades of buildings by utilizing the right features and features.

These companies also help customers choose the best products by providing free and technical advice from a collection expert.

Another important point is that they compete with other companies with the highest quality raw materials in the production of products in accordance with world standards by establishing quality control units.

 In addition to increasing scientific knowledge to update products, creating the best R&D glassware will make it to the global marketplace by employing creative and experienced staff in facade work details.

Is glass facade more expensive than the other types?

You might think that glass facades have a clear advantage and that comparing them is basically useless. But here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of glass views from different points of view to see if these are the best.

The cost of installing a double-walled glass facade with insulated internal foam is calculated for approximately every square foot. The tools needed to raise the glass in the glass view are also not expensive. On the other hand, the materials of the glass facade are simpler and less costly.

Glass facades are more commonly used in residential buildings because:

  • the glass faces the floor
  • the curtain walls are installed as a single
  • non-spacing fabric 

Because the commercial buildings are less used than the balconies, glass facades seem to be the more appropriate choice. 

For example, glass facades are used in the construction of condo buildings, but office buildings and hotels generally use Curtain Wall for their exterior.

Overall, it can be concluded that, contrary to the general perception of glass facades, this structure can be a good alternative to Curtain Wall. 

Due to its lower cost and easier setup. Although the early versions of this view had many drawbacks, it could now be a good competitor for the other types. But If you find the curtain Wall details information in the market you can consider which ones are good to use in your building.

Best sales of glass facade systems in Iran

Best sales of glass facade systems in Iran It is not long before the birth of glass facade construction. But at the same time, the field has expanded significantly. One of the most prominent features of these types of facade is the ability to install reflex glass.

Another unique feature is that by using a glass facade we will direct all the sunlight into our living space. This feature is especially suitable for buildings that do not receive much light.

On the other hand, double or triple wall glass facades can be easily insulated and heat insulated. In addition, it features a wide range of colors, a variety of models and designs, and a variety of different types.

After all, there are many advantages to the technology, the most important of which is reducing the dead load on the building.

There are many things to consider before choosing a glass facade. First, it should be noted that all construction work is highly specialized, which cannot be summarized in a few short words. Therefore, we recommend that you listen to expert opinions before making a final decision before making a conscious choice.

The first important point in choosing a glass facade is to be heat and sound insulated.

Why Iranian glass facade panels are cheaper than other countries?

The use of glass in the facade is an example of the shapes used in the facade of buildings in Iran and other countries. Some of them are either full glass or only part of the building has to glass.

Nowadays, the various types of glass facade systems are used in many buildings such as:

  • Towers
  • Houses in big cities
  • Hotels 
  • Hospitals

Because the facade of a building is very impressive in showing a neighborhood and city beautiful and what the building designers want to see. 

So many manufacturers of Iran not only focused on the materials that are used in facade systems but also they try to sell them at a reasonable price to customers.

Moreover, the glass facade design in our country has also become one of the most popular designs used by builders, tower builders, and construction projects, and if we pay a little attention to the buildings under construction in our city, we will notice the use of glass facades in buildings. we will be.

The question for us then is, is it the weather in Iran and the city of Tehran in most of the rainy and rainy seasons that the builders use glass facades?

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