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Famous Brands of Glass Facade Systems in the World

What are the different types of glass facade systems?Glass facade & structural glazing for commercial buildingsStandard Thicknesses for glass facade panelsBiggest buyers of glass facade panels in AsiaValid Aluminium Company site

With the advent of glass making machinery, the use of glass in modern building facades has been increasingly enhanced.

Famous brands of glass facade systems in the world have a special beauty.These brands offer different types of glass facades to their customers. 

Famous Brands of Glass Facade Systems in the World

What are the different types of glass facade systems?

What are the different types of glass facade systems?The facade of a building is such as the headline and the title of the book and article that tells us what structural features the building has. There are thousands of different traditional, modern and postmodern buildings in each city and a wide range of different building views, each with a different beauty, function, protection and longevity. Advances in science and technology have led to a greater variety of views and materials used in recent years.

All the technical, aesthetic, environmental, and structural aspects of the building’s façade must be taken into account in order to provide a view of the unique features and of course the needs and wishes of the builder and occupants of the building, and this can only be achieved with the help of facade engineering.Laminated glass is produced by bonding two or more layers of ordinary heat glass together with a plastic layer.Types of glass facades can be named as follows:

  • Frameless
  • Spider
  • Curtin Wall View
  • Curtin Wall View

Transparency and brightness have been and are one of the most important features of Iranian architecture as well as modern day architecture. Transparency and brightness have been the focus of most architectural styles throughout history. Glass is the most important and practical element in this field. When used with the delicacy of glass along with the strength of metal, solid, delicate and beautiful effects can be produced.The best metal-glass systems that can be designed and implemented are:

  •   Curtain Wall Stick System
  •   Unity system
  •   Spider system

In the Curtain Wall Stick System, vertical aluminum profiles, known as “molions”, are attached to the building structure by special brackets and rolls or welds, and then vertical profiles are mounted to the vertical profiles by special bolts.

Structural glass is transparent.All these steps are carried out in the workshop after careful mapping by Charsik and according to the plans of the Charsik Design Unit, which has been approved by the employer and do not need to be manufactured at the factory. After the above steps, it is time to install sealing tires, glass and pop-ups. Types of glass used in this system are: plain glass, double glass, charsal glass, laminate glass, securitized glass, spendral glass, sandblast glass and all types of glassware.In the frameless system, the glass is positioned a short distance from each other without any additional elements and is sealed with silicone adhesive only. This system will have the highest glass surface on the facade and will enhance the integrity of the facade.

Glass facade & structural glazing for commercial buildings

This innovative product allows architects to be able to design very beautifully creatively and in many cases, including design, to create a brighter and more attractive work environment with more light.

  Desirable properties of glass facade include:

  • Enhance building security and safety
  • Voice Controller
  • Avoid UV rays
  • Efficiency of solar energy
  • Variation in color
  • The glass facade is less dead than other facades
  • Reduce costs

One of the most commonly used glass walls in our country is called glass wall with the Curtin Wall method.In this method, instead of using a metal frame, aluminum profiles are used and the grid is a combination of aluminum and glass.Glass facade & structural glazing for commercial buildings is done by engineers in this field.

Curtin Wall itself is a structure.Curtin Wall is usually known as a narrow view, with walls of aluminum frames embedded in glass. This frame system attaches to the building’s facade and does not place the weight of the floor and the roof of the building. The wind weight and gravity force of the Curtin Wall system are transferred to the building structure.The structure is an integrated modular system made of large, different pieces that are glazed at the factory and then transported to the project site. The different parts of the modules are connected to each other by the connection locations. german facade company is one of the best companies in this field.

The Curtin Wall system is used to make the interior and exterior transparent and glossy.

Standard Thicknesses for glass facade panels

Standard Thicknesses for glass facade panels The glass facade is one of the facades that has been the focus of many facade makers, and the beauty of the facade makes it look like buildings across the city whose structure is a combination of glass and other dry materials or Is more.But the important point is whether the standards for glass facades are met in the project facades.Glass Facade Standards:

  • U chanel
  • Half Cap
  • Unitize

Curtain wall glass is mounted on the panel by an aluminum press with rubber seals. In this system, a continuous strip of insulation separates the inner members of the facade from the outer members in order to enhance the system thermally. Curtain wall panels should prevent thermal bridging in good detail, whether in connection with the structure or with the exterior front.You can see the structural facade detail from these product sites.

Biggest buyers of glass facade panels in Asia

The requirements of modern architecture today are different from those of ancient and medieval architecture. This fundamental difference is reflected not only in the practical use of space but also in the new conceptual approach that exists today to the practical use of space and its related parts.

The unique needs of providing comfort and convenience in such areas It has led to the application of modern and sophisticated designs as well as the application of much more flexible and affordable building systems and modern materials. One of the most challenging and challenging things in architecture is making maximum use of the available space and meeting the demands and needs of users.Biggest buyers of glass facade panels in Asia are China, Japan and Korea.

Today, new technologies have made it possible to access a variety of products, and their successful application in the building results in better performance than traditional materials. In the meantime, various types of glass and plastic panels have been expanded with various colors and finishes. Used in the manufacture of foils of different colors and glass surfaces of varying capacity and ability to resist changes. Glass is one of the main materials in architecture and has been successfully used in the interior design of partitions and panels with custom designs.Ask glazed facade systems engineering companies.

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