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Different Types of Glass Wall Systems for Modern Buildings

What is the difference between structural glazing and curtain wall?What is structural glazing curtain wall?Process, Design, and Engineering of Glass Facades Structural Glazing Curtain Walls at Affordable Prices Valid Aluminium Company site

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Different types of glass wall systems for modern buildings can be obtained from expert engineers and experts and can be purchased on the basis of information and consultation. Implementation of these projects can be delegated to those who have years of experience. You can find out more later.

Different Types of Glass Wall Systems for Modern Buildings

What is the difference between structural glazing and curtain wall?

What is the difference between structural glazing and curtain wall?curtain wall (stick system curtain wall) is executable system of glass facade which due to its integrated structure made of aluminum, it creates very strong horizontal and vertical lines and beauty in the facade of the building, especially on large surfaces.

Curtain is a wall stick or lamellae. At first, the vertical aluminum profiles known as molybdenum are attached to the building structure with special brackets and rolls or welds, and then vertical profiles with the name of transom are mounted on vertical profiles.

After these steps, sealing tires, glass and pop-ups are installed. Curtain Wall Stick’s glass facade is a fixed curtain wall section that also features pop-up fittings. The types of Stick curtain wall types are as follows:

  • Double glass
  • Simple glass
  • Three-walled glass
  • Laminate glass
  • Spindle glass
  • Document Blast Glass
  • Secure Glass
  • Smart glass

Structural glazing – with hidden fasteners and silicone sealants that visually merge the facade of the building. The connecting element that visually connects the glass surfaces are silicone joints that give the impression that the glass parts are unseparated. The building has a modern, elegant appearance and additionally improves the sound attenuation of the building.

What is structural glazing curtain wall?

Curtain Wall, which is equivalent to a curtain wall. and glass curtain wall details is  that The wall and curtain are both barriers between the two spaces – one is heavy and the other is light and flexible. Typically, Curtain Wall Systems consist of a lightweight aluminum frame, on which glazed decorative panels can be mounted.

By combining these two terms, or in fact, these two types of researchers, the researchers have come up with a combination of both strength and durability of the wall as well as the beauty and lightness of the curtain, hence the name Enra Curtain Wall.

Curtain Wall Views Since they do not burden the building itself, they only tolerate the forces that bear one of their own weight and the other forces such as the wind, hence the Curtain Wall structures of their structures.

Curtain Wall Facades There are many types, and the most commonly used ones you may have seen are Curtain Wall Facades. Important features of Curtain Wall include thermal, moisture, acoustic insulation that optimizes ambient temperature and light, thereby reducing the building’s need for electricity consumption.

On the other hand, because the lightweight structures are lightweight, they reduce the overall load on the building and also have good earthquake behavior and ultimately ease in installation and beauty and cost-effectiveness compared to other facades.

Looking a bit more technical, the Curtain Wall is actually the chassis and lamellae that surround the project and the glass to be used as a building facade rather than being mounted on the Curtain Wall structure itself. They are installed so the weight of the building is reduced.This weight loss increases the building’s resistance to earthquakes.

Process, Design, and Engineering of Glass Facades

Process, Design, and Engineering of Glass Facades

Each factory manufactures, transports, and installs easily with any precision tool and complete quality control. High installation speed and very good structural behavior and pre-production process, with no particle engineering error in glass size and profile. It requires a high level team and engineering team, which is fortunately possible.

The rain screen system should pay attention to the glass view. In general, the principle of rain screen is a very important principle in the performance of glass facades. In this principle, the equilibrium in our air pressure between the exterior and interior of the screen causes the water to not penetrate into the building and it is clear that this method is of high value in turn.

In this method, the glass is inserted into a specific space called the crankcase due to external and internal gaskets. Under such conditions, the air in the cradle is ventilated and somehow ventilated. The pressures from the internal and external angles of the gasket are the same.

When air pressures are equal between the gaskets, the water can no longer flow through the joints, preventing water from entering the gasket at the time of failure. This in turn is one of the most important rules of glass facade implementation, and expert engineers and applications should be able to handle this part well. the stages of implementing the Curtain Wall project are as follows:

  • Project consulting and review
  • Perform structural calculations
  • Select execution method
  • Material order
  • Run the infrastructure
  • Performed by Curtain Wall
  • Installing glass
  • Insulation and Delivery

Implementation of glass facades as dual systems is another important rule of glass facade implementation. These systems try to improve seamlessly designed views. Keep in mind that the principle of separation is very important in these systems. The amount of structural support as well as perfect sealing in this method is greatly improved. 

Structural Glazing Curtain Walls at Affordable Prices

All the engineering services required, from building design to custom reporting to building codes and standards, are provided by professional teams. The more accurate the measurements and calculations, the better the cost of the curtain wall view, including the price of the Curtain Wall structure and the type of glass used.

To reduce costs, the use of lower-option glass and horizontal and vertical hybrid systems is more economical in terms of size and computation.In these systems, since most of the load on the Curtain Wall structure enters the vertical lamellas, they are usually designed to be larger in size than horizontal .

In addition, the engineering team must carefully calculate the steel infrastructure, transportation and lifting and installation of equipment to obtain a specific price for the work. New math techniques and modern software enable the design team to minimize the use of building materials in building facades.

Compared to the techniques used by traditional designers, these new design methods lead to a much more beautiful and cost-effective result. For example, in the first step of the design, if architects realize how the impact of the thickness of the selected glass will affect the load weight applied to the curtain wall structure, they adjust the type of Curtain Wall modulation to their economic best.

Reinforcing lamellae may be used in some places to prevent the lamellae from enlarging, which of course will be priced differently than just an aluminum lamellae attachment to the building structure.

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