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The Ultimate Suppliers and Sellers of Glass Facades

How is the durability of glass facades?Advantages and disadvantages of glass facadesGlass Facade in modern architectural style Best manufacturers of glass facade panels in the world Valid Aluminium Company site

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do you want to know about the ultimate suppliers and sellers of glass facades? are you interested in getting some information about glass facade material, glass facade design, structural facade detail, and glass facade panel sizes? In buildings where openness, brightness, and outward views are highly valued by the users of our projects, glass predominates as an exterior cladding in cities all around the world. This forces us to look for options that can manage the excess of solar radiation and maintain thermal comfort in all seasons, without obstructing the views or darkening the interior spaces. Prefabricated metal meshes provide certain qualities and flexibility that can work well in conjunction with glass.

The Ultimate Suppliers and Sellers of Glass Facades

How is the durability of glass facades?

How is the durability of glass facades?The physical properties of glass are invaluable and unequaled when it comes to the architect’s material palette. From the time of the cathedrals and the the brilliantly colored stained glass that served a functional and didactic purpose, to the modernist liberation of the floor plan and the exquisitely-framed horizontal views provided by ample windows, architects have turned to glass to achieve not only aesthetic but performative conditions in their projects.

Today, Architects face an increasing array of choices in specifying and designing with glass for building facades, as glass manufacturers propose a greater variety of colors, textures and patterns than ever before. A wider range of coatings and treatments has also been developed, allowing for a finer selection of glass panes with a combination of light transmittance, reflectance and absorption to meet the needs of outstanding architectural projects.

These options affect the aesthetics and energy performance of the glass, and therefore of the overall building. Thanks to advanced calculation tools, energy performance can now be anticipated accurately, but the graphic representation of glass is still a challenge, and yet a crucial need for architects.

Traditionally, glazing would be chosen based on the perception architects get from a small glass mock-up. But the observation depends on the lighting and environmental conditions, and the process is neither fast nor efficient, as it is harnessed by production and logistics constraints. 3D modelling and computer generated renderings today complete the picture, allowing architects to make an educated guess about how the glass façade of a building will look.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass facades

Glass, instead of walls, does provide unobstructed view to the occupants of the building and since glass can be molded and bent into any shape, it is of advantage to the architects and developers in many ways. It has many disadvantages as well. Here we look at some of the key features of glass as facades of buildings.
Advantages Of Glass:

1 It adds to the beauty and panache of a building. Since it can be made translucent or molded in different shapes, it can offer lot of flexibility to the architect in terms of usage in the building.

2 Glass can transmit 75-80 percent of the natural light in both the directions, something which no other substitute does. Glass can transmit light without clouding or yellowing.

3 The glass is usually weather resistant so it can easily withstand different  weather conditions like rains, sun and wind. It does not loose its shape or shine in any weather.

4 Glass does not rust so it is better than iron and does not succumb to its surrounding environment conditions.

5 It usually has smooth surface so in a way its dust proof. It requires minimal cleaning.

6 It is versatile in the sense that when it is combined with laminated or colour sheets, it can offer various looks and appearances.

7 It reduces weight on the foundation of the building and makes the building lighter as compared to walls.

8 Right kind of glass can reduce energy consumption for the occupants of the building and bring down electricity bills.

9 Glass facades require low maintenance and a swift monthly cleaning may be enough most of the times.

10 Most glass types are abrasion resistant which means that it will not wear out when rubbed against another material.

Disadvantages of Glass:

1 Glass facades cause a lot of glare which is a major disadvantage of glass.

2 Glass absorbs heat. This means that it can act has a greenhouse and hence not suitable for countries with hot climate.

3 Most glasses are not earthquake resistance and not suitable for countries that witness frequent earthquakes. A very expensive kind of treatment given to glass can make then earthquake resistant but such type of glass is not very affordable.

4 Use of glass in a building may result in higher costs in making the building safe and secure because glass results in lot of transparency.

5 Glass is a rigid and brittle material. This means it breaks easily when a sudden pressure is applied to it.

Glass Facade in modern architectural style

Glass Facade in modern architectural style

When thinking of large continuous glass facades, structures like skyscrapers and commercial buildings with their stunning curtain walls often come to mind. However, modern residential homes can just as easily feature a facade of glass to create beautiful open surfaces.

They create a bright and friendly atmosphere inside, providing fantastic views and a feeling of openness. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing and craftsmanship, a Neuffer glass facade is also a highly effective solution for your project’s security, energy and sound reduction needs. 

Windows and doors have always had many different architectural requirements to meet. With modern advances architecture, frame construction and glazing technology, they can offer a remarkable range of features that can all be tweaked into a remarkable custom product. 

The weight each is given will depend on variables such as your local climate, home’s orientation to the sun, energy goals, security needs and physical location (urban/suburban/rural). It is important to note that just like curtain walls in large high-rise buildings, residential facades of glass are not structural, that is, they do not bear the weight of the overall structure. They simply form an exterior “curtain” of glass.

Best manufacturers of glass facade panels in the world

Romantic architecture designs coupled with intelligent engineering solutions often result in stunning structures that consume the public’s fantasy. Glass facade structures are examples where architecture and engineering meet in mutual respect to design monumental and inspiring buildings.

Journey around the globe with us and discover ten of the most stunning glass facade structures. 

Located in the main courtyard of the louvre palace, this large glass pyramid serves as the main entrance to the louvre museum in Paris, France. Although the louvre pyramid is small, 21.6 m in height, compared to the other buildings that will be covered here, it still stands out as an elegant piece of glass architecture and engineering.

With 603 rhombus-shaped and 70 triangular glass segments, the structure modernizes the Louvre Palace with great sophistication. A monumental piece of art structure, the Louvre Pyramid also adds romance to the French capital.

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