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The Newest Glass Facade Design

Structural Design of a Glass Facade for Luxury Buildings What are the disadvantages of glass facade systems?Why glass facade is the best type of facade systems?Is glass facade more expensive than the other types?Valid Aluminium Company site

We will speak more about the newest glass facade design , glass facade details and their prices.Transparency and brightness have been and are one of the most important features of Iranian architecture as well as modern day architecture. Transparency and brightness have been the focus of most architectural styles throughout history. Glass is the most important and practical element in this field. When used with the delicacy of glass along with the strength of metal, solid, delicate and beautiful effects can be produced.

The Newest Glass Facade Design

Structural Design of a Glass Facade for Luxury Buildings

Structural Design of a Glass Facade for Luxury Buildings

The rain screen system should pay attention to the glass facade building. In general, the principle of screen resin is a very important principle in the performance of glass facades. In this principle, the equilibrium in our air pressure between the exterior and interior of the screen causes the water to not penetrate into the building and it is clear that this method is of high value in turn.

In this method, structural glass uses, the glass is inserted into a specific space called the crankcase due to external and internal gaskets. Under such conditions, the air in the cradle is ventilated and somehow ventilated. The pressures from the internal and external angles of the gasket are the same.

When air pressures are equal between the gaskets, the water can no longer flow through the joints, preventing water from entering the gasket at the time of failure. This in turn is one of the most important rules of glass facade implementation, and expert engineers and applications should be able to handle this part well.

Implementation of glass facades as dual systems is another important rule of glass facade implementation. These systems try to improve seamlessly designed views. Keep in mind that the principle of separation is very important in these systems. The amount of structural support as well as perfect sealing in this method is greatly improved.

The fittings around the glass with the outer airbags and the inner airbags with metal plates are in the bonding position, thus greatly preventing water leakage away from the water failure site. This method, in turn, is one of the most complex and sophisticated methods of performing a glass facade that needs to be carefully evaluated. Keep in mind that the principles of glass facade apply in all parts as well as design.

One of the main pillars in the glass facade is the glass building. Glasses are actually a type of filler in the glass of a building that are very diverse in color and thickness. The degree of opacity of the building’s glass facade is another important point that this section is dedicated to.

What are the disadvantages of glass facade systems?

• High Energy Consumption and Air Pollution: In glass views due to heat exchange by switching between hot room air and cold glass surface, indoor temperature is reduced and high energy consumption will be required to maintain a comfortable temperature. Although there are various types of glass that are heat-absorbing to prevent sunlight from entering, and there are double glazed windows that have better thermal conductivity than single glazed glass, they still have glass views compared to other materials. A building has a high thermal conductivity and causes high heat loss. High heat dissipation and high energy consumption to provide heating and cooling in the glass windows will inevitably cause more air pollution.

• Problems with noise pollution, especially indoors

• Economical Costs: The lack of glass facade is said to be the cost of double glazing and is not acceptable to the builders.

• Not earthquake resistant.

• Not resistant to fire.

•Decrease useful building space: Double glazed facades reduce the usable space of the building because of the space between two shells from 2 cm to 2 meters depending on the type of structural application.

• Impose surplus maintenance, inspection, repair and maintenance costs on the facade compared to other facades, which are higher on the double wall than on the single wall facade.

• Feelings of thermal insecurity in cold seasons The glass facade surface due to low heat resistance, is close to ambient temperature in cold seasons, and the body of those sitting near the facade will heat through the facade to radiate heat and residents will feel thermal insecurity.

• During warm and temperate times of the year due to the sun’s exposure to the interior, the indoor temperature increases. Double glazed glass is much better than single glazed glass because of a closed enclosure between two glass panes.

If you use glass building facade, all of these benefits will come to you. There are some limitations to building glass and improving it to glass facade. In particular, some buildings that have an older architecture may not be able to convert their old façade into a glass façade, so the facade needs to be turned into a glass façade. Another important point about the benefits of glass facades is the considerable maintenance costs. One of these costs is glass washing and facade screening.If you use a glass facade in your building, you need to consider the cost of maintaining it. In addition, if the glass is damaged in the glass, you should be able to pay for repairs as planned.

Why glass facade is the best type of facade systems?

Why glass facade is the best type of facade systems?

General advantages of glass facade are :

• Reduce dead load on tall buildings.

• Running speed.

• Providing daylight.

• Possibility to view the outdoors.

• Providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors for the residents inside.

• Build a sense of lightness and elegance in the building from the perspective of an urban observer.

• Reduce noise pollution in double-sided views.

• In the two and three-walled facade, the cost of construction is reduced compared to other types of facade because of its adaptation to different environmental and climatic conditions.

• Natural ventilation: The use of double glazed facades with proper ventilation results in reduced energy consumption in the building.

• Reduce the problem of internal and external noise pollution in double glazed windows compared to previous glass facades.

Is glass facade more expensive than the other types?

The variety of building facade products is very different in terms of quality, quantity and time and type of purchase. On the one hand, the cost of installation varies according to project size, project location and execution time and most importantly the quality of project execution and therefore There are some prices for your comparison.

The cost of implementing a Curtain Wall facade(glass facade cost) depends on the type of facade, facade area, facade height, modules on the facade, and so on. The facade execution method is selected from the Curtain Wall Facade Implementation methods according to the designer’s and employer’s opinion. Factors and items are also involved in the pricing of Curtin Wall View, which is beyond the scope of this article. .

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